5 Tips to become a traveling yoga teacher

In this article, we give five tips to give you insight into how we try to get to work as a #traveling #yoga #teacher. In addition, you will be able to read what mistakes are made so that you will not make them!


1. Social Media Already before we stopped postponing and finally decided to take the plunge, we had already become a member of two private Facebook groups. Yoga Jobs all over the World and Yoga Jobs. This way we could see what was asked and at which destinations.

What strikes us now is that these free groups also attract everything. A piece or five messages are posted per day, but in the past year, we may have only encountered five serious 'jobs'. What is great about the Facebook groups is the response from Indian yoga teachers. Indians respond frequently, but due to some sort of 'lost in translation,' these are often hilarious rather than serious.

2. Specialized websites More serious jobs can be found on a website like Yoga Trade. This is a kind of Marketplace where yoga teachers and yoga-related companies meet. For both parties, they have to pay to become members of the website, so that there are generally serious jobs to be found.

Also, check Attendos! to manage your yoga classes

How does it work? If you want to respond to a job, you have to register. There is a 'Free membership' but that gives you no more than an opportunity to get to know the 'community'. You will only receive information about the companies that you search for if you are a paying member. Membership costs $ 24 per year or if you give up immediately for two years you pay $ 36.

Yoga Trade is more expensive than for example Yoga Travel Jobs, but many times better so, in our opinion, the best choice.

3. Yoga CV Just like in normal life, having a good resume is a must. You can, of course, put all your work experience, but since you go for the yoga course, we have chosen to only make a yoga resume.

Sometimes you are asked to send photos or make a video of a lesson. We have not made a movie yet because we are not so good at it and it is almost never asked.

4. Networks “It's just working”

There are so many people who want to sit and wait until something goes by does not make any sense. You will have to work to get to work. Facebook is a valuable yoga network where you get to meet a lot of people.

5. Stay longer in one place If you then are ready to let go of your safe life and to move into the world, then, of course, you hope that you will live in a paradise. You make money with what you prefer to do on a beautiful tropical island. That is great! We did not succeed very much because we blindly went to Gili T with a vague offer.

What we quickly missed there was life between like-minded people. In addition to the safe life of a job, a house, a cat and a lot of pocket money through yoga classes and massages, we also left behind a whole network of like-minded souls. Colleague yoga teachers, drinking tea with faithful students who sometimes told you how much they had to those few spiritual words or that verbal clue to feel the posture better. We only realized on a tropical island how important that is for us.

“If you are going to teach in a heavenly place, you will meet holidaymakers who only see you once or twice, who sometimes stand on a mat for the first time and tell them after class that this is really not for them.”

There are those places in the world where yoga is more alive than elsewhere. Everyone knows Bali and Ibiza as such destinations and recently we were on the western side of Koh Phangan where there is an active yoga community. So if you are not a 'lone wolf' and you like to go to like-minded people, try to get to work in such places.

Staying longer in one place is a good idea so that you can take the time to get to know people, to take lessons with others and possibly to go to work yourself.

What we would do differently now Which destination would you definitely want to work and not? As said, we have noticed that traveling to a place with a promise to stay does not always work out well. Especially when you are sensitive to energy, not every place is the right place for you.

What do you need? Many yoga teachers will agree that you will not become financially rich in giving yoga classes. This is the case in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in the rest of the world. In fact, there are so many yoga teachers who also want to travel and want to teach that yoga studios, yoga retreats, hotels, surfing and diving schools etc. only offer volunteer jobs.

We have meanwhile decided to only work as a volunteer when it comes to a non-profit organization. In places in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, customers often pay almost the same rate for a yoga class as in Europe. Not paying a yoga teacher is more exploitation than energetic exchange and good entrepreneurship in such a case.

Now, this is our choice and that does not necessarily have to be yours. Many yoga teachers who travel have just done a teacher training and find it fine to work at room and board if they can only gain experience.

So ask yourself beforehand what you need. If a bed and a meal are sufficient: “Go for it!”

Which destination We had never heard of Gili Trawangan a year ago. The same was true for the Malaysian coastal town of Marang. Gili T turned out to be an island full of drunk young people and Marang is in a conservative Islamic area.

The energy that releases such places does not match the energy that we need. There is no value judgment about these places, but you have to ask yourself if that is a place where you want to teach.

What we have found is that there is more demand for yoga in places where there is surf. Many surfers see the benefits of yoga and if you have ever surfed yourself, you know that you encounter similarities in postures on a surfboard; and that's not just about balance. We recently came to places where not surfed but dived. Divers are less interested in yoga although we could learn them a lot about breathing properly.

Full potential The life of your full potential as a human being and yoga teacher. This is what we allow ourselves and everyone, so whether you are a yoga teacher or something completely different, you realize that every day you have a choice to do it differently. Our financial year is not a success and we have also worked less than we would have liked, but we learned a lot from the problems we encountered.