Ten tips for a better result in the gym

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Strength training is perfect for losing weight or for developing a stronger and more beautiful body. However, it is not that simple to do everything right. Below I give a number of free tips to get even more out of your #training.


Your favorite exercise Everyone has a favorite exercise. Perhaps this is the exercise where you are very strong or where you make a lot of progress. For me, this is the squat because I train my whole body with it. When I squat regularly, I notice that the rest of the exercises also go much better, because your muscle tone increases and more growth hormones are released.

Find out for yourself what your favorite exercise is and try to do it at least once or twice a week. If you have little time and still want a good workout you can start with this exercise to get a satisfying feeling from your training.

If you read a lot about sports and nutrition-related topics, you will notice that there are always new insights into specific topics. Of course, it is fun and interesting to follow the latest training methods that are at odds with earlier insights or scientific research. There is a substantiation for every method nowadays. Knees inwards or outwards. Ice or no ice after a workout. Choose a method that works for you or your friends and try to stick to it for a while. The constant change of technique or schedule will not help you further. If it works for you, why not keep it on for a while and continue with it?

Harmony Good guidance can be essential to prevent beginners mistakes. Many fanatic athletes make mistakes that an experienced training buddy or personal trainer can prevent. Expert guidance is so essential for beginners. You will be amazed how much a personal trainer or good training buddy can improve on your technique and training results.

Choose for other training buddies Try to change your training partner from time to time. How cozy it is. If you change your training buddy, you might point out different methods or inspire each other to break your plateau. Bonus points for a training buddy that is stronger than you. He can probably take you to a higher level. My experience is that you can learn a lot from different people.

A 'Playday' It is essential to try new things every now and then or to schedule a 'playday' or a free day. Do not always take training too seriously and allow yourself the freedom to experiment in the gym. For example, to keep things fun, you can choose a training schedule and play with the number of repetitions or sets. Do not always stick to all exercises, but vary and do crazy. By playing you will notice that you can keep a schedule longer.

Start with your weak points Do you find it annoying to train your legs? Do you have trouble with the squat? Perhaps this is because you do not do squats or implant them at the end of your training. Breakthrough your pattern and start your week or training with your weaknesses to become a more complete athlete.

Perfect an exercise Often you see in the gym that athletes have difficulty with a specific exercise and as a result change to another exercise. This is the easiest way, but is this not too easy? Try to dissect the exercise and seek help from an expert or an experienced training buddy to improve the exercise. Pay attention to the small details by reducing the weight and slowly carrying out the movement.

Pay attention to the basis If you do not make progress over time, it is important to pay attention to the basics. Most progress will be made if you pay attention to simple factors: breathing, body position, thinking of the muscles you train, muscles that contract and the speed of execution. Breathe out as you push away or pull the weight. And breathe in the opposite direction. Make sure that you do not play 'false' by bulging your spine or keeping it hollow during an exercise. To prevent injuries it is very important to have a good posture with the squat. Maybe you can lift some extra weight with a wrong posture, but in the long run, this will be at the expense of your back. If you train correctly, you will appeal to the muscles more and make more progress.

Attitude > Speed A correct attitude is always more important than the speed at which you perform it. The speed is indeed important in some exercises or training schedules. For powerlifters, it is important during a race to lift the bar as quickly as possible because a slow repetition takes more power.

Try to build an exercise calmly. First a slow version with a lightweight. If you have a perfect performance you can use more weight or perform the exercise faster. Never perform an exercise faster and train harder at the same time. Because of this, you run a big chance of an annoying injury due to a poor execution.

Continue Many fanatic athletes end after a few months. Especially in fitness and strength training, it is important to keep this up for several months. Perseverance is the basis for success. If you have had a busy day you may take a rest. But if you really want to see progress, it is important to train at least three times a week. Continuing does not mean that you always have to train maximally or take too little rest. Make sure you find the right balance between a good load and sufficient rest and sleep.

Conclusion: To become stronger or to develop more muscle mass it is important to combine the following factors:

Do not train heavier if you do not have the right technique. Once you have mastered the right technique, your perseverance is the decisive factor that determines how much progress you will make in muscle mass or strength.

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