The perfect push up and why you have to start doing pushups

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It is a real classic. The push-up! You train your entire body with it. If you do not do strength training or body weight training so often, it's not easy, but... You can make rapid progress. If you practice! And of course, carry out the exercise correctly.


The push-up is a complete exercise. Just like the squats and lunges for the legs and the shelf for your core, the push-up is a complete exercise in which you train multiple muscles in your upper body. With imprints, you train your lower back and your stomach (core) but also your shoulders, neck and chest muscles, your arm muscles and your pelvis. The push-up makes your body strong, there you also have something to do with many other sports. How about football, volleyball, and cycling, you need the strength and endurance you train with the push-up! And ... a pair of beautifully trained arms and shoulders are super nice with a nice dress, your tank top, and your bikini. Win-Win, that push-up.

Pilates Push Up. A push-up is more difficult for women Yes. Because we never do anything with our arms! Not really because it would be so much easier for men. There are men who have never done a push-up in their lives and therefore do not get much further than 5 repetitions. Whether you are a man or a woman, it is a matter of doing, training and persevering. No excuse for women, unfortunately ...

Push-ups are very good for women. Why? You not only train your chest muscles, they also form your shoulders, triceps, buttocks and whole core. And by training all those muscles in one you also burn a lot of calories. A perfect workout, but very heavy. It takes quite a bit of training to get him in the right posture (hello hollow back!) To master. Keep on training, then you steal the show at the gym.

It starts at the core. Have you ever learned on your hands and feet and made a plank of your body? Can you keep that for a second or 30 without collapsing? Then you are ready for a push-up. Because when you have control over your core, you have control over your push-up. There are many ways to make the push-up slightly less heavy than to sink down completely on all fours. Those variations will be discussed later. First a real push-up. It requires a lot of training to get the push-up in the right position. There he comes ...

The perfect push-up So start in the plank position with stretched arms. Your hands put you slightly wider than shoulder width, you are now leaning on your hands and toes with a tightened body. If a plank, belly in, buttocks tightened, keep breathing!

Now bend your arms and lower your body to the ground. Make sure you do not push your elbows all the way out, try to keep them close to your body (20-40 degrees). You sink down and breath in. Stop just before your chest touches the ground and keep your body stiff as a shelf. Do not pocket your buttocks towards the ground but keep that good position. As you exhale, push yourself up again with your arms. Tighten your abdominal muscles during the whole movement so that you do not get a hollow posture. If your hips do drop down, then that is a sign that you have this push-up variation too heavy for you.

Basic Push-Up. Beware of these common mistakes:

A hollow back: keep tightening your tummy and buttocks

Your arms out too much: 20-40 degrees from your body is sufficient. More outside gives much more pressure on your shoulder

You stop breathing! Do not keep breathing when you go down and breathe out when you 'push' up. In this way, you continue to give your muscles oxygen that they desperately need!

You tighten your neck by hanging your head or looking up. Both are bad for your neck and back. Keep your neck in a neutral position by making a straight line with your neck from your spine. Or look 20 cm in front of you on the ground.

A push-up for beginners. If the 'normal' push-up is too heavy, you can do a number of things.

1) From the shelf position, lower your knees to the ground and do some repetitions with your knees on the floor. Keep an eye on that you continue to tighten your stomach and buttocks, also from this position.

2) Find a raise, for example, a staircase or a bench in the park. Try a push-up on your hands and feet or on your knees.

push-up bench. push-up knee.  

Variations for advanced players. Time for some variations because only up and down from the shelf or from your knees will also get so bored!

1) While doing a push-up, you put one foot on the other and change after 5 push-ups. That way you make the exercise a bit heavier

2) Use the stairs or bench in the park again, but put your feet on it. The center of gravity will be on your arms, making the push-up considerably heavier! Can also with a stability ball, for even more balance and training for your core.3) 360 degrees push-up: From the shelf, you drop down in the push-up. Push up and now walk three steps with your hands to the right, do another push-up and then again the steps. Keep going until you are back in your starting position. You've pushed around! Touchy-feely-pushup-love2workoutKeep it up! The push-up is tough but it's a matter of practice. Before you know it you can make the flash in the gym or during your boot camp lesson. Lots of workout fun and show me the muscle!

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