Wedding step-by-step plan. Plan your wedding step by step

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Your own wedding is the most beautiful day of your life. But a wedding day that you look back on with pleasure does not happen by itself. Whether you want to get married in an intimate company or want to take a big trip with a colossal wedding party: a lot has to be prepared for every wedding day.

In this article, you can read everything about organizing your own wedding day. When should you reserve the wedding location? How do you look for the perfect wedding dress? And when will it be time to send the wedding invitations? We tell you everything about the preparations for the wedding day.

But before you can start the organization, something else must happen first: a marriage proposal ;–).


Wedding: 18 – 12 months You are engaged, congratulations! After you get used to the idea of a long period of preparation for your wedding begins. This preparation starts with determining your budget, choosing the wedding date and choosing the locations for the yes-word and the wedding party. You may also want to marry for the church or according to a different tradition. These matters also decide and arrange as early as possible.

A marriage in the first place is, of course, two lovers who want to marry each other. But during your wedding, there are also a number of guests present who have a special role. These are the witnesses, the master of ceremonies and the bridesmaids. Because you want to know that they can be present at your wedding and want to take on this role, it is best to contact them in time.

Wedding: 12 – 8 months On your wedding day, you want to look your best. After all, everyone will watch the bride and groom all day long. But the wedding dress and the wedding suit of the groom should not only look beautiful: it is also important that your wedding clothes are comfortable. In order to ensure that your wedding clothing fits well and is ready on time, it is wise to arrange this on time. And let's not forget an important accessory, the wedding rings.

The preparations for your wedding are in full swing. You have already chosen a wedding date and reserved a location. Now it's time to make some important decisions about your wedding. In order to have all these things perfectly fine for your wedding, you can not start early enough to arrange the photo reportage, music, transport, wedding cards, the thank you and the guest list. With Attendos you can easily plan and invite your guestlists. Give it a try for free

Wedding night Officially, the bride and groom go home before the other guests. If you want to end the day in style, it is special to book a sparkling suite in an attractive hotel.

Look for the most romantic sleeping locations at our selection of most romantic hotels.

Honeymoon How can you better get used to being a man and a woman than during a vacation? Celebrate the honeymoon on a tropical island, go on a round trip, book a romantic city trip or whatever you want to choose from together, a wedding cruise.

Faithfulness Before you can get married, you first have to sign up. You do this at the civil status of the place where you live. You can not sign up for a year at the earliest and at least two weeks before your wedding day.

Wedding: 4 to 2 months The date of your wedding day is really beginning to approach. The wedding dress has been purchased and the wedding party is as good as arranged. About four to three months in advance of your wedding day it is time to invite the guests and order the wedding cake. Make an appointment with the hairdresser and the beautician for a trial hairdo and a trial makeup.

On your wedding day, you choose each other for the rest of your life. You do not only do that for each other, but also for the state. Some people choose to marry under marital conditions. These must then be drawn up by a notary. If you also opt for this, it is wise to go to the notary at the wedding two or three months beforehand.

No matter how well you prepare everything, something can always happen that throws a spanner in the works. What if, for example, the beautiful church where you wanted to give each other the yes-word suddenly burns down? Or when something happens to you or a close family member that prevents the wedding from going through? In such a case, you are of course mainly disappointed at first. But then the costs come. In such cases, you will have to deal with cancellation costs for things that are already arranged before the wedding day. A wedding insurance offers a solution in such a case.

Sharp bouquet An important part of the bride's clothing is the bridal bouquet. Traditionally it is the groom's job to find this out. That is quite tricky because there are many styles, shapes, and colors possible. Therefore, choose wisely so that the wedding bouquet fits with the rest of the decoration, the wedding dress, and the bride herself.

Table layout If you know how many guests are coming, you can start with the table layout. If you want to be absolutely certain, you can also make name cards. That way you can be sure that everyone is in the right place. Let the master of ceremonies help you with this.

Wedding: 1 month Before you can get married, you first have to sign up. You do this at the civil status of the place where you live and at least 2 weeks in advance of the date of your wedding.

Pass-through clothing About a month before the wedding, you will pass your wedding dress once more, because your body will then have the same shape as on your wedding day.

2 weeks to the day itself: last check! Your wedding day is approaching, to make sure that you have arranged everything well and that you will not be surprised at your wedding day, it is a resurrection to check all appointments for a moment, to find contact and if necessary the defective time to give. Also speak with your master of ceremonies, his or her tasks and make the table layout final. If you want to place an advertisement in the newspaper, give it up now.

The day before the wedding Put the wedding rings and the script ready, try to relax and go to bed early.

The wedding day! In the morning you first go to the hairdresser and you visit the beautician. The rest of your wedding day, if everything goes well, goes according to plan. And some things do not run according to plan, no stress. Enjoy and let it solve the master of ceremonies.

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