Working in Australia? We've selected 4 jobs for you!

Go abroad and work there for a few months. Sounds a bit like a dream job right? Especially when that job can be found in Australia. Australia is a country with crazy nature, a country where wages can sometimes be called 'high' (on average you earn AUD $ 21 per hour!), There are plenty of jobs, and it is a country where you meet many other people from all over the world. Does it sound like you're going in that direction? Then you wonder how you can work in #Australia? Attendos has a few tips for you!


1. Work as a waiter in Australia Working behind the bar of a pub, in a cozy coffee shop or at a restaurant of a packed hotel. Horeca work is easy to find in Australia and it also pays well, so you quickly earn about 17 to 30 dollars per hour depending on your experience. Especially in tourist areas often a lot of work can be found and also for different periods. So whether you are available for a year, 6 months or just 3 months. There is almost always something to be found in Australia.

2. Working on a farm in Australia The country in Australia is gigantic, rugged and impressive. You will find endless plains, rich green areas, and rocky places. Farms can also be found in Australia and working here is certainly an option. For example, have you always wanted to work with horses abroad? Would you like to pick fruit with a large group of other backpackers? Or would you like to ride a tractor on the land once a day and gather a herd of sheep on a dirt bike the next day to bring them back to the ranch?

3. Working as an au pair with an Australian family Have you always liked being careful? And do you enjoy working with children all day long? Then working as an au pair is definitely something for you! You also live with an Australian family so you experience the typical no worries mentality. At the same time, you can also practice your English and this work can also easily be combined with backpacking. So you can easily travel through Australia after your work as an au pair or you can take the plane to beautiful places in Asia.


4. Do volunteer work in Australia Okay, this job does not really make money and costs a bit more. But by working as a volunteer you often do the coolest things. If your life motto is “You can always make money, you can not always make memories”, then this job fits perfectly with you. So you can volunteer in Australia in the beautiful rainforests, spectacular underwater world or just come into close contact with the authentic Aboriginal culture.

If you want to start as a freelance teacher, coach or organize events, we at Attendos can help you!